Monday, 25 April 2022

Getting fit around your children

Being a mum it can be a juggling act, so I workout around my son. Example today, as I pick up my son on Fridays for the weekend did a short workout indoors and did a bit of walking but have a sore ankle so couldn't do much but have fitted in some walking this week with the spare time I have, as it is a distance from the town where I live and train stations, and so fit it in wherever possible.

During the Easter Holidays we walked a lot, went swimming along with some football and exploring in Surrey and in London. Just getting out releases the boredom and that's if we don't go out my son will start jumping all over the furniture so it is good to have your kids be part of your fitness journey. Get them involved and do a fun home workout but in the summer why not get outdoors in the garden and do some exercise there too and get other kids involved and make it a thing you do each week. 

Even if it is dancing in the living room whilst you do housework and again get your kids to do the same whilst they do chores and put on a playlist and clean away.

I would often when taking son and I would do the same, is after I dropped Henry off would go for a run and other mums and dads would do the same. My son now gets a taxi to and from school because of the distance as he has had to change schools and so now when it is sunny play football out in the garden, or we would often do some dancing in the morning before I took him to school. 

When I go for a walk along the river or seaside it is great to see others doing the same or jogging and it is good to be part of that world and it took me a long time to get into running but glad I kept it up, but stopped when I was pregnant as it would cause me to be sick so had to stop, but when I was 8 week post pregnancy I started to get back into it, and would do a workout each morning. 

I know life is a juggle but when you work fitness around your life it is possible to get fit and have fun with your kids. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 



Thursday, 3 March 2022

Getting Fit During A Storm

Noone can change the weather but deal with it in a way you can still keep fit but safe at the same time.

I include all my walking weather it is visiting the shops in various places or going for a leisurely walk and include it into my weekly exercise as every step counts.

During the storm we had last week of so I just grabbed my weights in my room and did my six exercise workout, where I just do six exercises into my training and a method I am glad I have continued, and is working out for me and easy to make sure I get it done.

I do bicep curls, pull downs, leg raises, press ups, triceps and jogging on the spot and just moving and can do this when watching a film or whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, making dinner, whilst doing some laundry and just working the body and when I work indoors I make sure that the room is warmed up first as I don't like training in the cold and then turn it down once I have worked out and drinking plenty of liquids.

If you have stairs and chairs you can do a workout with and I bought the DVD of Davina McCall and she has a workout with a chair and really good for toning the legs and abs, and just making the most of being at home and why not get all your family involved, it can be great with bonding with your children and my son loves to join in. 

Having a good space to have a kick about indoors. Of course noone has that luxury to do that, but if you do, this is also good exercise. 

So I hope these tips are helpful and how you kept fit during the storms. You can comment below. 

Manu thanks for reading, 

Carrie X  

Friday, 17 December 2021

Training when you are tired and got too much to do

This is the time of year that I usually take a break from exercise as it is a busy month. I feel shattered today and I think it could be with travelling a lot doing the school run, thankfully today is my son's last day of school before he goes back in January, and off for the Christmas holidays and boy it is flown so near that I can feel I can catch Christmas day in one hand. 

I did have goals for this year, which was to get back walking and do more home workouts which i did but wanted a dancersize and boxing class I wanted to find and do, but didn't happen. 

I feel a little disappointed in that, but I still kept with my workouts just not those. Having goals is beneficial to keep the energy of exercising regularly in place, but want to carry fitness goals over to the new year 2022.

I know that I will get those things in place, for me it does depend on when, and even if it doing exercise whilst my sons watching his tablet I will do some, and often if he sees me exercise he will join in. 

As I carry on this blog whicb is now the end of the week, from when I began, I thought I was too tired to write this blog and do any writing but no, I am using the rest of my energy I have left to complete this blog as it is important to me that I do, and I did do a workout yesterday whilst looking after Henry. 

Never train if you feel exhausted as it can be counterproductive and can be too much stress for your body and often working on the laptop whre I am sitting down a lot makes me do a workout and its when I have 10 minutes, I just make sure I continue to keep fit and healthy and so I walk a lot. 

Walking is so easy and free to do, and so I training when tired I will when I get that burst of energy I get a workout done, and you can too. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X

Saturday, 6 November 2021

Getting fit during the Winter and taking on different weathers

Hello and welcome to a new blog and in this blog I am talking about Getting fit during the winter and taking on different weathers, and I do still do my training and some years and because I don't do a massive routine of exercise in one session, it has allowed me to keep fit, but as I go about my everyday. 

I do find when it is bitterly cold to get fit outdoors but I do, but when it would be icy in the Winter I would wait until late morning to get fit, but you can buy running trainers for Icy weathers, and they have more of a grip, but for me I never invested in this type of weather so would go for a run or walk when the temperature and services are clear of ice. 

When it comes to snowing I will tend to leave it until the snow has cleared and not turned to ice, as this is dangerous and again you can buy trainers for snow, but for me I will wait until the snow has gone. I still walk through the snow, but running is off the cards for me. 

I do wear a hat and scarf and like to layer up, and there are some good running tops you can buy so you don't need a load of layers and I bought mine when I had a thermal top from Amazon and they were cheaper compared to Sports Direct, which at one point was my go to store for running gear. 

I like to have a good hat aswell and bought one last year in pink from Sports Direct and make sure when exercising outdoors this time of the year, it is during the day or if later or in the morning when it is still dark you have bright colours on for your own protection and others who will be driving or walking, and good to be seen than not. 

I mention this a lot when it comes to keeping fit in the Winter, but that is because you do have to exercise safetly and so make you self seen and not, as you can cause an accident when doing so and keep head and feet warma s this is where we lose our body heat. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Getting fit Autumn and Winter as we get nearer to Christmas

Hello and sorry if you do not want to think about Christmas, but it isn't that far away. 

I usually take a break from my fitness to restart at Christmas, and there is a lot of things I need to do before the festive time of cheer, and so it is important to organize your fitness when you too have a busy season, come Autumn and Winter, and have many birthday's to plan for. 

This year I am not gonna take a break and September for me is a new year, as it is academically a new year so I go by that now and separate my year in to 4 quarters. 

Lastnight I did some exercise as I do six to seven exercises and mixed, so one day I will do squats, leg raises, boxercise kicks and sometimes will do floor training, with my dumbbells and use my own body strength. 

When it comes to clothes I wrap myself up and use layers, and make sure my trainers and other footwear are comfortable and good for walking as I walk a lot, and the thing I would invest is a thermal vest and walking bottoms. I do wear leggins almost everyday but sometimes these can rub, so if you do long distant walks or runs, invest in a good think pair of running bottoms.

If you go out like I did once upon a time, in the autumn and winter when the sun begins to rise, run with glasses or goggles for when the sunlight rises as it shines quite bright, but can effect your view. Layer up as it can be very cold still being up at the crack of dawn. 

Make sure you are hydrated even when it is cold outside, and remember to cool down afterwards and stretch. 

In the autumn and winter wear clothes that you can be easily seen by cars and other people using the footpaths and pavements.

Never let your guard down and run in busy areas and not where you can be vulnerable like parks and woodlands, but in town like areas and places. When running in the early morning or late evening, I never listened to headphones, as you should keep your witts about you and only do what you can and build up gradually.

Wear hats I wear a beanie when it gets really cold and even a scarf.

So I bope this blog helps you and many thanks for reading,

Carrie X 

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Using fitness equipment and safely

When it comes to keeping fit there are many things that can really help and one is a Cross Trainer. These work the entire body, legs, bottom and for arms the rowing machine. These were my favourites. I did used to own an home one, but no longer, but is worth investing if you really gonna definitely use it. 

Then I disovered a step machine and loved it. Great to use to tone the body and I would at one point using everytime I went to the gym and is a great piece of equipment. If I were to have a home gym again, this would be an item I'd deffnitley buy. 

I also like the treadmill, and if you are taking up running, but be aware it is different when using a treadmill to running outside. Treadmills when on the right mode can help when running outdoors, in terms of building your fitness, as if new this is the place to start is to up your fitness first and then add different things into a workout, to then work on toning, muscle building, but gradually. 

At the moment I use dumbell, wrist and ankle weights and a exercise mat. This still helps me with exercise and I have written a new blog on my other site: 

If you like to try out different workouts it is good to learn from others who are qualified to teach about exercise and make sure get the technique right to prevent any injuries.

When it comes to using equipment then always follow instructions, but this is where joining a gym to start off, is good and having training staff to show you. There are great ones for arms, legs and full body, like the pull down machines and lateral press. They work for the entire top half of the body and try each one but safely and if they do an induction take them up on it, for your own safety. 

So keep getting fit and active and it is worth while when you do find the equipment you love using. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Working On My Fitness Routine

Hello and welcome! This blog is about Working on my fitness routine, as I have tried many and I have now started training in the mornings again doing 6 exercises, and this is with my dumbbells and exercising my legs through doing leg raises and have been walking too. 

I do like exercise otherwise I wouldn't do it. Yet have had to take some time off from training as its been the Summer Holidays, yet this has helped me stay fit also. 

You may have to adapt exercising to your life as life takes over, but as soon as I go back into it, I do enjoy and see it as my time to wake myself up and doing in the morning again, helps to make sure it is done and then I can go about my day, and then spend time walking and visiting my local or other places. 

Once you get a good routine to exercise it's sticking to it and that is by mixing it, I have before now done some exercise in the evening, but at the moment I want to continue doing morning workouts as I find it helps me accomplish more and then I can do more through the day if I feel like it. 

Try different times and schedule it in, so you have it there and do some finally to then tick off to plan to do more on other days. 

Life can be tiring especially when you have children but I have exercised when looking after my son and he would often copy me, and so you can get them involved and getting it done whilst they are a sleep is a good idea, but not always possible. 

Just find your stride and I have written on other platforms about fitness check out my site: 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X